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Omron Cylindrical Proximity Sensor E2B


The new E2B proximity sensors promise the perfect fit to your particular needs. With the wide range of models in the E2B family, you can choose the one that exactly meets your needs. For example, we have four different sizes: M8, M12, M18 and M30, each one with single or double sensing distances, shielded and unshielded. There’s also a choice of short and long bodies, two connecting methods and four output types. With this range to choose from, you’re certain to find the perfect fit.


Some people wanted reliability in extreme conditions. But most simply wanted reliable performance in standard industrial environments.
These people also wanted attractive pricing, without compromising quality. So we put to work our 50-year heritage in proximity sensors: a heritage that has seen 200 million Omron proximity sensors shipped to satisfied customers across the globe. We put this heritage to work as well as our understanding of customer needs. The result is the new E2B sensor range: designed to give you quality, reliability and value-for-money.