EAPL S Series Electronic Timers


    • Suitable for screw mounting(except ST4-M1).
    • 7 segment display indication for channel and timing operation (except ST-4M1).
  • User friendly programming for ON/OFF time selection independently (except ST-4M1).
  • Hold /Restart feature is available during power failure, Over voltage protection(except ST-4M1).
  • ST-6M1 / ST-10M2 / ST-10M1 : pulse start signal.
  • ST-15M2 / ST-4M1 : continuous start signal.
  • S1D-C8M3 : Comprises of 8 Relays and each relay can be programmed for maximum of 8 switchings in a cycle.
  • Potential free (Zero volts) continuous start signal and continuous signal from differential pressure switch is mandatory for operating the timer (Only in model ST-15M2)
  • Feedback outputs for timer healthy, timing in progress and power healthy available in model ST-6M2





  • Over-all: ST6-M1 / ST6-M2 / ST10-M2 / ST15-M2 / S1DC8-M3 – 200 x130 x 45mm
  • ST4-M1: 110 x 86 x 68mm (W x H x D)
  • ST10-M1 (IP) / ST10-M2 (IP) / ST6-M1 (IP) / ST6-M2 / ST15-M2 – 291 x 214 x 82mm (W x H x D)


Bag Filter systems, dust pollution systems, Air handling systems, MCC panels, conveyors, process industries, nitrogen and other gas plants, sewage water treatment plants, irrigation spraying systems and many more .,

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