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A Series EAPL Electronic Timer



  • Din sized enclosure for Track (Din rail) / Screw mounting
  • Front terminal protective cover for safety.
  • LED indication for timing in progress.
  • A1DA :External (zero volt / potential free) command contact for timing initiation.


  • Over-all: 22.5 X 75 X 102mm (W X H X D).


Safety Measures

Safety Precaution and caution while using our Product

  • All electrical connection will be carried out by electrically qualified personnel or under the physical supervision of such qualified personnel. The unit should be used only by mounting it firmly inside a panel cabinet. Do not connect the unit in the open except on test benches.
  • Check the terminal notations given on our unit thoroughly before connecting.
  • Tighten the screws firmly after inserting the wire properly. Ensure the wire is not loose or can be peeled out easily.
  • Ensure that the wires are unsheathed only to the extent required for connection within the screw terminal bracket. At the same time ensure no sheathed wire remains in the screw terminal bracket such that no conduction is available between the wire and screw terminals.
  • Fork type (U shaped) lugs should be used while connecting any cable, wire to our units for 2 reasons –first is to avoid any strand of a wire from touching any terminal other than the required terminals (It will short and damage the unit). Second reason is to ensure that the screw plates are evenly pressurized on both sides of the connection screw.
  • Do not try connecting live wires. Very dangerous for your life, our product and the system where it is fixed.
  • Double ensure that the power supply has been fully cut off in all respects (including back-feeding) and put a safety board for others not to switch ON the power without checking with the concerned personnel. Best way is to disconnect all incoming and outgoing power lines to the work area.
  • Wait for a while after switching OFF the mains when DC power is used. It will take some time for complete voltage to be brought down to Zero.
  • Before switching ON, again double ensure all wires are connected properly and at the correct place. Also, ensure no tools, objects or loose residual wires are left in the panel.
  • Ensure electrical safety procedures like wearing electrical insulated gloves, standing on insulated anti-static mat and using proper (non-conducting handle) and correct tool for any particular job.
  • Switching Arcs or relay heating may cause fire or explosion. Do not use our unit in explosive, combustive or flammable areas without enclosing the same in Zone-2 compactable panels. Our units by itself do not conform to Zone-2 Standards.
  • Always have a maintenance schedule for cleaning the unit against dust, and any other foreign particles that gets accumulated on the unit with air blower preferably. Do not use moist, wet cloth, metallic wire-mesh sponge etc. Keep the unit away from water, oil etc.
  • Do not apply voltage more than the specified limits. It may cause damage to the unit.
  • Do not over load the relay contacts. It may lead to malfunction or damage to the unit.
  • Check the unit for non-potential connection terminals as potential applied across these terminals may damage the unit.
  • Leaving sensing terminals (S1, S2) of any live CTs or similar terminals of our unit open is highly dangerous. If not used, short the 2 terminals.
  • Always use grounded external CTs for current inputs.
  • Ensure potential free wires, communication wires and potential wires are routed separately. Else, it may affect the working efficiency of our unit.
  • Protective covers are provided with most of our products. Ensure these covers are always in place for safety and unit protection reasons.
  • Do not open the unit in case of any malfunction .Contact us for external remedies else send unit to EAPL for servicing.
  • Reinforced insulated cables are recommended for DC powered Input supply.
  • Separate Inductive Load circuits from power input supply circuits of the unit to avoid malfunction of unit due to increased harmonics (electrical noise). Even after above precaution, if such malfunction is observed, we recommend harmonic filters to be inducted across the harmonic creating device’s input terminals.
  • Check whether the application environment such as temperature, humidity falls within specified range else the unit may malfunction.

A safe work environment is not always enough to control all potential electrical hazards. You must be very cautious and work safely.